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Packing Tips for Your Holy Land Pilgrimage

So you’re going on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. You have researched exhaustively on sites you should visit. And you’re down to packing, except you don’t know what to pack or not to pack in particular.

Besides your Bible, here are other things you should consider taking with you to your Holy Land pilgrimage:


Most pilgrimages happen between April and late October. Light clothing is perfect for these summer months; if you’re going between June and August, be prepared with some warm tops and a jacket for the colder evenings. If you’re going between November and March, you should bring even warmer clothing and a raincoat in Jerusalem because it’s likely to snow there in winter time; for your time in Galilee and the desert, bring light clothing.

Keep in mind that in most churches, bare shoulders and low-cut skirts for women will not be allowed, and the same goes for bare legs for men. You can usually go for a float on the Dead Sea, and this is an experience you will surely regret missing, so do pack in some bathing necessities and a pair of handy dandy flip-flips.


In the era of digital cameras, make sure to bring along an additional set of batteries – and bring your charger as well! And yes, a spare memory card could be more than useful. In Israel, those standard two-prong plugs will do to connect your devices to an electrical outlet, which would be set at 220/230-volt AC, 50Hz cycles.


In addition to your prescription meds, make yourself a small “first aid kit” that contains tablets for common traveler health issues like headaches, insect bites, dehydration (the air in Judea does get dry and dehydrating), etc.


Most definitely, those sunglasses deserve space in your handbag! In the Judean desert, the light can be extremely bright and even blinding. It’s also good to bring a travel alarm clock and a journal (be sure it comes with a pen). Even if you don’t usually like to write, you might be inspired by the entire experience.

Airline Regulations

Bear in mind that airlines are now much stricter in terms of allowed sizes and weights of carry-on luggage and baggage. It would be safe to keep your hand luggage within 43 x 36 x 20cm. Also be aware of the newer security regulations affecting carry-on items.

For instance, those personal effects – perfume, cosmetics, shaving cream, deodorant, etc. – should not exceed 100ml each and must all go into one ziplock bag. Of course, absolutely no sharp items (not even a nail file). If you need to bring a syringe for medical reasons, get a certificate from your physician.

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