Interesting Questions to Get to Know Someone

Attempting to get to know someone can be arduous, especially if a person is unable to communicate effectively. Getting to know someone does not have to be that difficult if a person knows the right questions to ask. With these tips, individuals can learn some questions to get to know someone better.

What Questions Should Be Asked to Get to Know Someone?

When attempting to get to know someone better, whether it be as a friend or dating partner, it can be helpful to ask questions. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and asking open-ended questions will get people talking much faster than some other types. Continue reading to get an idea of some helpful questions that will get a good conversation started.

  • While current events might seem like a good topic to discuss, this would not be the best choice. Talking about news, politics, and religion can result in heated discussions that make people feel uncomfortable. It is best to leave these topics alone and focus on other questions to ask.
  • Asking the person about their career is a good starting point. This type of question is not threatening and most people are willing to talk about their job, even if they hate it.
  • Talking about family is not always the best of topics. If a person wants to talk about their family, they will typically do so, without anyone asking. Sometimes, familial relationships are not that easy to explain. Instead of asking about family, it is safe to ask about pets.
  • Asking someone about their favorite movie or television show is always a great way to get to know them. Most everyone has a show or movie they love and are passionate about.
  • It is helpful if a person asks what someone likes to do in their free time. This type of question will lead to a lot of gained information if a person asks it at the right time.

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