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The Advantages of Having an Automated Parking Lot

There are benefits to parking pay stations to both the parking lot owner and the vehicle owners who use these parking lots. If you have been through any of these parking lots with pay stations, you would notice one thing, the absence of human employees that would collect your parking fees. In most parking lots there is only one parking enforcement officer but the payment transaction is done by the vehicle owner and the pay station. Below are some of the benefits of a fully automated parking lot with pay stations.

Automation is beneficial to parking lot owners since the use of computerized equipment these days makes processes easier and faster. Automated collecting and issuing of receipts to customers of your parking lot become a lot faster than usual. The time it takes to pay your parking fee is only a few seconds and this will not cause any traffic at the till at the exit.

For the parking lot owner, this means lesser employees to maintain which give the company a lot of savings. Fully automated lots only have computerized devices. You get the exact revenue for your business because you eliminate human error.

Automated parking lots with pay stations give much convenience to its customers. The convenience comes with simply pushing buttons and entering your payments and everything is done fast.

In a pay station, you get the convenience of paying your parking fee. With the use of your credit card, you can easily pay for your parking fee. It only takes a tap of your card and the gates will open to let you out.

With a human payment collector, you need to wait for the cashier to be able to give you the exact change and if he takes long then all the rest of the cars that are waiting behind you should wait in patience. With the new parking pay stations, you can pay bills and coins and if you have change, then they are able to give back your change instantly. This convenience is what you get from parking pay stations.

Today, you can also find parking pay booths for parking lots without gates. You simply bring your car to the lot and go to the parking booth to pay for the number of hours you will be using the space. In this method, you get to choose options for validating your parking payment. The options that you have is to pay and leave it on your dashboard, pay with the space number, or pay with your license plate number. Parking enforcement officers are able to access a report on payment transactions many by customers. And if there is a violation, then he can easily find it out.

There is much more convenience today when using parking lots because of the parking pay stations which are very convenient to use.

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