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What is Phenibut

You probably have heard of Phenibut and the Phenibut High but still don’t quite know what these are anyway. By and large, Phenibut has been so popular in some countries mainly being Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia. In such countries that this drug happens to be so commonly used and as popular, it has been used as an anti-anxiety medication that has been so used to treat a myriad of conditions amongst which are conditions such as stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), irregular heartbeat, alcoholism and depression.

In such countries where this drug has been given the green light for use and as such a legal prescription, it has been known by its other brand names such as Noofen, Fenibut, Anvifen and many others. It may not be medically approved for use in the United States but anyway it is still available through online stores as a nootropic, the kinds of drugs that have been known to help boost memory and cognitive function. Read on and see some of the facts that you need to know of about Phenibut.

First and foremost, we will take a look at how Phenibut actually works. In the human brain there is found the chemical naturally found known as gamma-aminobutyric acid which basically clams the nervous system. Generally speaking of the working of this drug Phenibut, it is seen to mimic the actions of this particular chemical in the brain. Essentially, Phenibut is a but a chemically modified variation of GABA, the gamma-aminobutyric acid that has that extra phenyl ring. For the effect to be realized, the drug will have to cross the blood-brain barrier and attach to the brain’s GABA receptors and this they only achieve with the extra phenyl ring that Phenibut has. When it has finally attached to the receptors, the GABA receptors in particular, it gets to reduce the sensitivity of the neurons and lessen anxiety and overstimulation.

Besides the drug binding to the GABA receptors, Phenibut can also bind to the dopamine receptors which are the mood controlling neurotransmitters you have in your brain. As such Phenibut has as well been billed as a kind of drug that will get to see your moods, increase your sense of pleasure and stir up the spirits.

Concerning the side effects there are when it comes to the use of the drug Phenibut, it is to be noted as a fact that these drugs have not been researched widely and well enough for there to be any notable case of side effects. In as much as this is the case, one thing that should be noted when it comes to these drugs is that studies have as well shown that there would always be a general trend towards developing of tolerance to the drug more so as a result of heavy or chronic use.

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