CISSP Ranks Sixth In Salary-Earning Potential

Currently, the world’s highest salary providing certification is the Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) provided by the (ISC)2. The average salary drawn by these certified Cybersecurity experts is more than $140,000, only 10% of jobs in the world provide a salary more than $100,000, and it is one of them. 


There are only six IT certifications in total, which pay salaries more than $140,000 and it is one of them. It has made its place on the list of top 15 paying IT certifications for 2020 which is made and compiled by Global knowledge acquired from training companies. The salaries of companies in this list according to that certification has Citrix certified professional getting $117,000 on an average and an estimate of $176,000 is paid for a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect.


That list consists mostly of cybersecurity or cloud computing. This makes it clear that the demand in the market for these two areas is soaring high. But sadly many types of research have taken place and found out that people looking forward to being cybersecurity professionals lack the skills required to be present for the same. This demand is also caused due to the need for 4 million IT professionals around the world. These 4 million jobs could either be three certifications in Cybersecurity or five certificates in cloud computing and are all enlisted under Global Knowledge List.


The CISSP is a top-notch certification because the Global Knowledge corporation attested the personnel and found out that any person holding this certificate is relevantly experienced and expertise in all spheres of Cybersecurity. It is because the requirements to procure this certificate are not quite easy- Five years of mandatory relevant experience as a paid working professionally in at least two security domains like risk and security management, security architecture or engineering.


The exam is also a very tough nut to crack. CISSP certification is comparable to a master’s degree in IT security, as it signifies that the person is capable enough to design plans effectively, implement, execute and can manage a Cybersecurity program of a top-notch company single-handedly. 


According to factual information, the importance of CISSP certification is understood by Cybersecurity professionals and valued by a large number of employers around the world who are willing to pay extra to hire one. Vendor-neutral certifications like CISSP are recognized to be the most important certifications in the current market, and almost 54% of organizations demand such a certificate to hire.


Some important facts about certifications:

  • The salaries at many organizations are determined by the certification you hold and vendor-neutral certificates like CISSP help you earn more, a lot more than the basic salary.
  • The two highest-paid sectors with the certificates valuing to dominate the world payroll system are cloud and Cybersecurity.
  • No matter what certificate you hold, project management certificate or experience is going to serve as an icing on the top.
  • The salary of a vendor-neutral certificate holder in IT sector is almost 20 times higher than that of an average industry.


How does CISSP validate cybersecurity expertise?

The CISSP certification is issued by (ISC)2 to ensures the holder’s expertise in cybersecurity domains hence, giving them a technical upper hand in the field which would mark their experience and ensure higher payroll than any other average IT professional. 


Keeping an eye on the value of this certificate, it is not a cakewalk and definitely not for the newcomers into the industry. Enthusiasm is an important factor, but it doesn’t signify everything. The examination it involves is very demanding. The criteria needed to fulfil even to apply for the examination is very stressful. In other fields around the world, certificates can be achieved by knowledge but, CISSP certification prioritizes experience more than certificates.


There are eight domains covered under the CISSP examination. They are:

  1. Asset security
  2. Security Engineering and Architecture 
  3. Risk management and security
  4. Network and communication security
  5. Security operations
  6. Testing and assessment of security
  7. Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  8. Software Development Security


After gaining knowledge in all these spheres, you need to appear an exam of three hours where you would attempt 150 questions, out of which you must score at least 100. It consists of questions from each domain and helps to track your progress in each of them.


Expertise in all these areas and you would be designated with a certificate which would gain you respect, popularity and money all around the globe.